Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fingerprint Systems in Schools at Debate Again


We've posted before about the fingerprint scanning of children in order to pay for their school lunches in Ohio Schools.  We've also posted about the prevalence of biometric tracking of children in UK schools for everything from attendance to paying for lunches.  It seems this trend is gaining momentum rather than losing to its opposes, as we have seen a dramatic rise in the fingerprinting of children across the UK.
But one wonders if this rise is due in part to a new amendment to the Freedom Bill  requiring parental consent to fingerprint their children, that has been proposed.  As of now, school in the UK do not need the parent's consent in order to fingerprint school children for such activities as borrowing library books, attendance and cashless lunches.
Many are pleased about the proposal, which gives parents the right to choose whether or not they wish their children to be enrolled in biometric programs.  And that is perhaps why it has been reported that "school are falling all over themselves" to get the prints taken in time, before the proposed bill is enacted.
What do you think? Should children be fingerprinted for the course of their daily school activities, or is this an example of advanced technology being used for the wrong purposes? Leave your comment below.

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