Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Solving the Dangers of the Gadget Police Car

In a recent New York Times Piece by Matt Richtel, the dangers of the "gadget" police car were analyzed. The police vehicles described in Richtel's series were equipped with sophisticated computers, GPS systems and radio systems, all requiring attention that took attention away rom driving. Not surprisingly, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood has made the professional distracted driving issue a current day cause celebre; although he stopped short of accusing law enforcement professionals from engaging in acts of distracted driving.

But to combat the ever increasing sophisticated criminal element, these tools are necessary to fight this increasingly alarming type of criminal. Countless lives have been saved by police officers able to run license plate numbers, radio in suspicious activities, exchange messages with dispatchers or fellow officers and locate their own and their targets' whereabouts. Many agencies and departments will justify the added technologies by confirming rules related to said technology's usage. Unfortunately, for police officers in hot pursuit or even just responding to an innocuous call, these guidelines are just that - guidelines.

Reconciling the risks of distracted driving with the need for our police forces to employ all tools in their arsenal is our goal. Because, no matter what side of the issue you are on, use of one's cellphone, computer and radio are necessary components of a law enforcement personnel's job description in modern day crime fighting.

One solution is to automate the flow of information that the police officer requires in order to properly conduct his activities. If a police officer can call up information on a vehicle, review the driver's license of a suspect, or report suspicious activity without having to look down to type a license plate number or reach for his radio, the issue of police officer distracted driving will be diminished. Eyes are kept where they should be - on the road, and the risks of unintended accidents or damage are practically eliminated.

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