Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Facial Recognition Proposed for Australian Sports Venues

Real-time biometric facial recognition is being proposed in the Australian state of Victoria.  Senior police officers have labeled its soccer fans as the most violent in sports.  The proposition of scanning all those who enter the stadiums at the turnstiles is a very welcome idea.

A camera would record every face, compare it to a database of known troublemakers, and immediately alert the gatekeeper, enabling him to deny entrance to the person in question.  This assumes that the person has been photographed previously, perhaps while being escorted out of a stadium, after initiating a fight or some sort of disorderly conduct.

Because of advancements in biometric capabilities, private facial recognition systems are becoming more mainstream and accessible than ever before.  Many companies have introduced their own products, some with more records and better accuracy than others.  It is important to enlist a credible provider, one with experience in security, law enforcement and public safety expertise in order to ensure the most applicable solution.

Not only would sports arenas benefit from this technology, but so would airports, concert venues, nightclubs and other places where large amounts of people congregate.  The potential is great to ensure safety and swift remediation of potential security issues, with such facial recognition systems.  We believe that more and more venues will begin to employ this state of the art tool, as its popularity has expoded recently.

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