Friday, October 22, 2010

Safety Products for Drug-War Fighting Police Forces

Marisol Valles Garcia, a 20-year old female police officer took over as Chief of Police in Chihuahua, Mexico – a town that has been torn apart by drug trafficking violence for the past several years.  Besides her fearlessness and bravery, a few necessary law enforcement and crime prevention products are definitely in order to help her in her endeavors:

-          Surveillance –Because Garcia prescribes to the  “Community Policing” method - a strategy in which community involvement and support aims to control crime and reduce fear – she and her staff definitely need accurate, easy-to-use, and reliable body worn video recording.  A body-worn video device will capture tips that she receives when going door to door and talking to the townspeople.

-          Processing System – Garcia’s team of 13 will undoubtedly be processing many suspects in Chihuahua.  Since crime and violence is so prevalent and frequent, the barracks will need to be equipped with state-of-the-art mug-shot, fingerprinting and reporting capabilities.  A system that can connect directly with other agency databases and immediately circulate records of gang members would be a good choice.

-          Value-Added Tools – Chihuahua Police would be well-suited to have facial recognition and license plate recognition software products.  Again, when dealing with gang suspects, immediate identification is crucial to any proceeding.  The ability to act quickly and confidently will make their job easier and more effective – and with the degree of crime and violence that they will be dealing with, the extra advantage of leading products is crucial.


Having some key crime management products in the war against drug crime may give Garcia and her force the edge they need to make the difference.  Hopefully the Community Policing strategy will unite a people that have all but stopped noticing that these violent crimes are taking place all around them. While many are skeptical, or even apathetic, that Garcia will effect change, we as law enforcement solutions providers, know that any change is a start.

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