Thursday, October 7, 2010

Body Worn Video Provides Better Police Evidence

Body worn video, and digital video in general, obviously has a lot of clear advantages over the old ways of taping evidence, logging, and storing tapes. But is it worth the effort to convert old body worn videos to a more modern and useful digital system? Police departments need to keep some video for up to 25 years due to the statute of limitations on particular crimes. That’s a lot of video. Many struggle with not only the spacing concerns of housing all the video tapes or even DVD cases, but also with the possibility of evidence tampering.

Advanced digital video solutions, such the Hunter iCapture(TM) body worn video system, eliminate both the tampering and storage concerns – not to mention deliver much better quality and reliability. These digital body worn video recordings cannot be edited or recorded over, and are password-protected so only the assigned office can view them. Therefor there is no worry that evidence has been tampered with or accessed by anyone else.

HD digital video is now becoming the norm for capturing all facets of crime prevention and police activities. From witness interviews to suspect interrogation to body worn video to in-car recording to prison cell surveillance, digital video makes all of these applications more effective. Managing all of these different videos would be an IT department’s biggest nightmare if they were not integrated within a department’s RMS. But when body worn video – and all types of police video – is digitzed, it is easily managed on the main network that interfaces with all other facets of department work, such as booking, reporting , etc .

But moving from physical storage to digital is quite an undertaking. And the success of such a project depends upon the relationship between the IT and business sides. Partnering with a software provider who is an expert in body worn video and digital video implementation makes all the difference. Departments that have made the conversion, tell us they are thrilled that they did it. Dealing with videos, both body worn video and all others, is much easier than ever before, which allows them to focus more of their time on the most important part of police work – keeping the community safe.

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